DX Korea 2018: Hanwha Corporation Showcasing Chunmoo K-MLRS

At DX Korea 2018, the International Defense Exhibition currently held in Seoul, South Korea, local company Hanwha Corporation is showcasing the Chunmoo Multiple Launch Rocket System (K-MRLS) and its ammunition.

DX Korea 2018 Hanwha Corporation Showcasing Chunmoo K MLRS
The Chunmoo K-MLRS on Hanwha Corporation stand at DX Korea 2018. The 239mm guided rocket developed by Hanwha has a range of 160 km and is used mainly as a "bunker buster" by the ROK Army. The larger missile underneath it is the KTSSM: A high explosive guided ballistic missile currently fired from a fixed launcher with a range of up to 160km. Army Recognition learned during DX Korea 2018 that a future version of Chunmoo called Chunmoo II will be able to fire it.

According to Hanwha, Chunmoo is a next-generation main force firepower equipment for artillery units, which can outrange and precisely strike the enemy's long-range artillery.

The South Korean government awarded a development contract to Hanwha in 2009, development of Chunmoo was completed in 2013 and it entered mass production in 2014. The MLRS is now fielded with the ROK Army and Marine Corps. More than 100 units have been ordered (with deliveries still ongoing).

Chunmoo can fire three types of ammunition:
- 130mm non guided rockets (with 2 containers of 20 rockets each)
- 227mm non guided rockets (with 2 containers of 6 rockets each). These are rockets used by the American-made M270 which is in service with the South Korean army.
- 239mm guided rockets (with 2 containers of 6 rockets each)

The 130mm rockets have a range of 36 Km while the larger 230mm-class rockets have a range of about 80 Km for the non guided one and 160 Km for the guided variant. The types of rockets can be mixed (for example 1 container of 20x 130mm and 1 container of 6x 239mm).

According to Hanwha, their guided rocket is actually used as a "bunker buster" solution by the army because of its penetrator warhead. This was a requirement of the ROK Army as DPRK (North Korea) has a large number of bunkers along the border with the South.

The launcher is fitted on a 8x8 Hanwha truck chassis capable of a top speed of 80 Km/h. The crew of the vehicle is composed of 3 soldiers: The driver, the commander and the shooter. Firing is conducted from inside the vehicle via the fire control system. The vehicle is armored and protected against NRBC threats.

In addition to the launcher vehicle, Hanwha also developed the reloader truck. ROK Army is still using K200A1 as command vehicle for their MLRS artillery units however. A typical ROK Army Chunmoo battery consists in 18 vehicles.