DX Korea 2018: TD2S counter-drone 4x4 Tambora armored vehicle from Daeji

The South Korean Company Daeji unveils TD2S, a new anti-drone combat vehicle based on the Tambora 4x4 multi-purpose armored with different types of drone jammer equipment. The vehicle is equipped with innovative defense systems to create safe zone and to fight drones that could be used to perform terrorist attacks.

TD2S counter drone 4x4 Tambora armored vehicle from Daeji 925 001
Tambora counter drone armored vehicle at DX Korea 2018, Defense Exhibition in South Korea. September 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The new TD2S anti-drone combat vehicle was unveiled during the defense exhibition in South Korea, DX Korea in September 2018. The system was developed jointly with the Company SA Solutions, to create a new concept of Transportable Drone Defense System.

The TD2S is designed by merging the Daeji APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) TAMSORA to protect passengers from enemy rifle fires and Drone Defense System which helps to prevent terrorist attacks using drones. To offer protection from drone terrorist attacks previously thought to be almost impossible to defend against, the two companies have developed the concept of 'Mobile (Transportable) Drone Defense System'.

The system can be operated unmanned 24 hours a day to detect altitude and latitude of a drone which is deemed a threat. The system allows operator to disturb drone controlling signal and GPS signal to disable the targeted drone. After the drone is disabled from user's command, operator is able to capture enemy drone with Drone Catcher's net firing system to transport enemy drone to safe area.

The vehicle is equipped with a Drone Catcher which is stored in the vehicle, and can be erected on the roof of the vehicle. The Drone Catcher is equipped with a net launcher working in conjunction with the UAV unmanned detection system and receives the azimuth and elevation of the drone threat from the detection equipment.

The Drone Catcher is able to stop the drone threat in the air and hit the drone threat immediately by the remote controlling of the jammer attached to the Drone Catcher.

The roof of the vehicle is also equipped with a drone jammer system that can disturb drone signal to an effective range of 3,000 m. In option, the vehicle can be fitted with radar mounted on the roof, able to detect drone at a maximum distance of 10,000 m. A drone sniper can be fitted on the right side of the hull that can be used by dismounted troops.

TD2S counter drone 4x4 Tambora armored vehicle from Daeji 925 002
The roof of the vehicle is fitted with a Drone Catcher and drone jammer.