EDEX 2018: AIO integration system for remotely-controlled weapon station

AIO is presenting an integration system between sensors and remote-control weapon stations. The observation system detects targets, then direct the machine gun toward that target and triggers the firing when that target is in the MG range.

EDEX 2018 AIO integration system for remotely controlled weapon station
AIO integration system for remote control weapon station (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The turret of this Egyptian-made system can stand a 50kg weapon and rotates to 260° horizontally and to 20° up and down. The 2-battery, 50 Amps/h power system is charged by solar panels, an obvious method for a system designed in Egypt. A standard adapter is provided for use when a 220-volt plug is available. The surveillance-tracking system comprises a day-light camera and a thermal camera, plus a laser range finder.