EDEX 2018: anti-tank mine clearing system Fateh 2

This Egyptian-made, field-proven, trailer-mounted, hydraulically-operated system is used for opening paths of different widths in antitank minefields. The main device consists in a rocket launcher for a high-explosive charge packed in a container. Simple, durable, reliable and rapidly operational are its qualities.

EDEX 2018 anti tank mine clearing system Fateh 2
Antitank mine clearing system Fateh 2 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The whole system weighs 600 kg. It has a safety mechanism to automatically connect the system only when the launcher is in firing position. The detonation device detonates the linear charge after it has been extended at full length by the rocket motor. The mines buried on both sides of the charge are then destroyed, creating a safe corridor. The system is very well-known, as it has been used for decades.