Eurosatory 2018: MC2-Technologies’ Nerod F5 UAV jammer

The French company MC2 -Technologies has completed the manufactured of its brand new UAV jammer - that has the shape of a futuristic rifle – just in time for Eurosatory 2018.

Eurosatory 2018 MC2 Technologies Nerod F5 UAV jammer
MC2-Technologies Nerod F5 UAV jammer. The front part contains the antenna (Picture source: Army Recognition)

In front of the increasing threat presented by drones, mostly if armed, MC2-Technologies has developed a portable device to jam communication between a pilot/operator and its UAV. Once a drone is spotted, the jamming operator aims at it with his Nerod F5 and pull the trigger after having selected the relevant mode to treat that UAV in its current environment.

The device is capable of obstructing telecommunication protocols between the drone and its remote control. Moreover, the Nerod F5 allows to ensure frequency hopping communication systems. In fact, this device is effective against UAVs, IEDs (jamming the triggering instruction given by GSM or radio control) and various communication protocols.