Safran introduces Geonyx at Eurosatory 2018, a new inertial navigation system for armies

At the Eurosatory 2018 defense show, Safran Electronics & Defense is introducing its new family of inertial navigation and pointing systems for land vehicles, Geonyx. Based on the HRG Crystal hemispherical resonating gyro (HRG), Geonyx signals a major step forward in terms of compact design, operational efficiency, integration and cost of ownership.

Geonyx Safran
The latest resonating gyro by Safran, Geonyx (Picture source Army Recognition)

Geonyx weighs just 6 kilograms, occupies a volume of less than 5 liters, offers power consumption of 15 watts and reduced operating costs, making it the best solution now available. These record-breaking qualities are due to the HRG Crystal gyro. Building on the simplicity and proven maturity of this inertial technology, Safran Electronics & Defense has developed a line of ultra-reliable inertial navigation systems, offering a wide range of performance specifications. These units are designed for both civil and military applications in all environments: air, land, sea and space. The new Geonyx family is more specifically suited to land platforms such as combat vehicles, target acquisition systems and artillery.

To meet the varying needs of armies, the Geonyx family is available in three different versions, with increasing levels of performance: Geonyx SP, Geonyx HP and Geonyx XP. These navigation, position-determination and pointing systems, featuring accuracy of better than 1 mil (milliradian) on artillery, ensure high performance even when global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signals are absent or being jammed. Geonyx is also highly robust and easy to integrate in different platforms, while ensuring precise alignment and resistance to the repeated shocks of artillery fire.

Along with the new Geonyx product line, Safran Electronics & Defense is providing long-term support packages.

Safran Electronics & Defense is a long-standing leader in inertial navigation, having built up its expertise in all underlying technologies over the last 70+ years. It has already delivered more than 150,000 resonating gyros.