Esterline showcases its Racal acoustics Magna headsets at IAV 2018

Esterline, global leader in defense and aerospace technologies, demonstrates its Racal Acoustics RA4000 Magna headset for high-noise environments at IAV 2018, International Armoured Vehicles, conference in London. Esterline's Racal Acoustics brand offers a range of high-reliability personal hearing and communications equipment for the military, paramilitary, aviation and first-responder markets.

Esterline Headset Racal 925 001
The RA4000 Magna headsets at IAV 2018 heldTwickenham stadium London (Credit Army Recognition)

Esterline has engineered its Racal Acoustics Magna digital headset to address current operator requirements with up-to-date solutions in electronics, materials and ergonomics in a market that has typically relied on older technologies. Performance highlights include:

Comprehensive hearing protection for high-noise environments with an autonomous, battery-powered digital active noise reduction (ANR) system.
Crystal-clear, high-fidelity communications.
Ergonomic construction, comfortable for long missions.
Modular, customizable and upgradeable features and accessories to match specific mission requirements and extend useful life.
Waterproof design.

"Our aim with the Magna headset has been to jolt this high-noise market space with a highly engineered digital solution offering unprecedented performance in hearing protection, sound quality, reliability and versatility, for an overall value that simply cannot be ignored," said Dick Heinrich, managing director of Racal Acoustics at Esterline. "To home in on one example: our Magna headset is the first and only high-noise headset that offers noise-reduction circuitry that is both digital and battery powered, so it delivers effective protection even when disconnected from an intercom/radio system or vehicle. Similarly, our electronic compression circuitry facilitates outstanding local sound awareness and talk-through when untethered."

Esterline Headset Racal 925 002The RA4000 headset has a waterproof design and can be used in the most extreme climatic conditions : rain, snow,... (Credit Army Recognition)