IAV 2018: NIMR showcases its Rapid Intervention Vehicle

At International Armored Vehicles 2018, held at Twickenham stadium, London NIMR showcases its RIV - Rapid Intervention Vehicle designed for special operations.

NIMR RIV 925 IAV 2018 925 001 The NIMR RIV - Rapid Intervention Vehicle at IAV 2018 (Credit: Army Recognition)

The NIMR RIV vehicle is a light 4x4 rapid intervention vehicle to enable high-speed response to tactical situations in remote sites, either by fast ground transit or helicopter insertion both underslung or inside a CH-47.

The Typical mission for the RIV i conceived using speed and mobility as the critical advantage enabling the crew of 4 t traverse diverse terrain at high speed, on and off-road, armed with up to 12.7mm machine gun.

The NIMR RIV can carry under-body blast protection as standard and modular applique armour packs for ballistic protection.