IndoDefence 2018: J-Forces displays armored and amphibious vehicle prototypes

The Indonesian company J-Forces specializes in armored vehicles. At IndoDefence 2018, it is displaying four different prototypes. One of them is not armored but a tracked amphibious vehicle, each part of the design being indigenous.

ndoDefence 2018 J Forces displays armored and amphibious vehicle prototypes
J-Forces' logistic transporter, multi-terrain operation vehicle, a very relevant solution fora country like Indonesia (Picture source: Army Recognition)

In a huge country, so much encompassing water, marshes and jungles, like Indonesia, needless to say how useful a tracked amphibious vehicle can be. During a discussion with Angus Kristanto, J-Forces chief engineer, Army Recognition mentioned the recent tsunami in Sulawesi, underlining the formidable services such a vehicle could have rendered - and still could in a region so devastated and chaotic. The chief engineer expressed his enthusiastic approval

The prototype manufactured by PT Jala Berikat Nusantera Perkasa will undetgo a long series of trials aimed at validating the concept, the rubber tracks, the body, the motorization, etc. Adapted to plenty of different roles in the armed and police forces as well as in civilian organisations, this vehicle is motorized by a Toyota 4-cylinder, 2,454cc diesel engine developing 170 ps at 3,400 rpm., with a maximum torque of 343Nm at 2,000 rpm. The aluminum structure and skin is designed and manufactured to resist to corrosion and torsion. The vehicle weighs 2 tonnes and has a maximum payload of 800 kg. The maximum speed is 40 km/h.