Belarus will delivered local-made Caiman 4x4 armored to African country

The Belarusian defense industry has already launched the export deliveries of the newest Kaiman (Caiman) armored reconnaissance vehicle (ARV) to an African country, a source in the country`s State Military-Industrial Committee (Goskomvoenprom) told TASS.

Belarus will delivered local made Cayman 4x4 armored to African country 925 001
Belarus-made Caiman 4x4 armored in live demonstration during  MILEX defense exhibition in Belarus, May 2017. (Picture source Army Recognition)

"Belarus is now delivering the Caiman ARV (Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle) to an African state. We have good prospects there," the source said. He added that the Belarusian armed forces had adopted the Kaiman vehicle last year. The source pointed out that the share of Belarusian-originated components in the Caiman would be increased in 2018.

Alexander Churyakov, CEO of the 140 Repair Plant (the developer of the ARV) confirmed that the company had already started the serial manufacturing of the vehicle. "We have launched the manufacturing of our own vehicles. In particular, we are producing the Caiman ARV under several contracts," Churyakov said. However, he did not disclose the company`s customers.

The Caiman ARV has a combat weight of no more than 7,000 kg (+-3%), a ground clearance of 490 mm, and a wheel base of 3,100 mm. The vehicle`s passenger capacity reaches six servicemen (including crew). The Kaiman features a steel monocoque hull, which provides STANAG 4569 Level 3 protection against bullets and small fragments. The vehicle is powered by a D-245.30E2 diesel engine, which produces a maximum road speed of 110 km/h, a maximum swimming speed of 8 km/h, and a road cruise range of up to 1,000 km.

The Caiman ARV can carry a Kalashnikov 7.62 mm medium machinegun, NSVT Utyos 12.7 mm heavy machinegun (HMG), AGS-17 30 mm automatic grenade launcher, Adunok remote-controlled weapon station with an Utyos HMG, or a communications suite.