Turkish long range tactical missile starts acceptance trials

On 10 July, the official Twitter account of Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries showed a video of what appears to be a continuation of the test cycle of a new Khan missile system. The Khan, known as Bora, is a Turkish tactical ballistic missile system with a 280 to 400km range.

Turkish long range tactical missile starts acceptance trials
Roketsan's Khan surface-to-surface ballistic missile system, operated from Belarus-made MZKT-7909 8x8 trucks (Picture source: Roketsan)

This long-range, surface-to-surface system carries two containers with ballistic missiles fitted with 470 kg conventional warheads. According to Roketsan, the Khan missile can be launched from Roketsan-made weapon system(s) and other platforms with adequate interfaces for integration.

The main role of the Khan ballistic missiles is to engage concentrations of troops and armored vehicles, as well as other important targets like airfields, command posts, air defense batteries and support facilities. In some cases, this ballistic missile can be used as an alternative to precision bombing.

The new Turkish missile system is reportedly operated from a new Belarus-made MZKT-7909 8x8 truck.