Export variant of Russian BMPT Terminator detailed at KADEX 2018

Russia`s defense industry has detailed the export-oriented variant of the BMPT Terminator fire support vehicle at the KADEX 2018 defense show being held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

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The BMPT during the rehearsal of the VE-Day parade in Alabino training ground (source: Vitaly Kuzmin )

Unlike BMPT-72, or Terminator-2, unveiled at the Russia Arms Expo 2013 show in Nizhny Tagil, the serial BMPT is based on the chassis of the T-90 main battle tank (MBT). "The unification of the Terminator`s chassis with that of the T-90A and T-90S MBTs substantially facilitates use of the vehicle, reducing maintenance costs. The Terminator has a combat weight of 47 t. The vehicle is powered by a powerplant, which produces a maximum road speed of 65 km/h and a road cruise range of 550 km. The platform`s maneuverability allows the Terminator to cross a ditch with a depth between 2.6 m and 2.8 m and a 1.2 m ford without preparation and climb over a 0.85 m wall.

The vehicle`s fire control system has received a gunner`s multichannel sighting system, which incorporates a thermal imager, and a commander`s low-silhouette panoramic TV sight. The vehicle`s crew totals five, including a commander, a driver, and three operators. Therefore, BMPT can engage three different targets simultaneously. The Terminator works in hunter-killer mode, with the commander assigning targets to the operators. The commander can engage a target himself.

russia bmpt services kadex2018 925 002
The BMPT carry an impressive amount of firepower with its dual 30mm automatic canon (source: Vitaly Kuzmin )

The Terminator`s ready-to-use ammunition load comprises 850 30 mm rounds for two Shipunov 2A42 automatic cannons, four supersonic Ataka-T (NATO reporting name: AT-9 Spiral 2) laser beam-riding anti-tank guided missiles, 600 30 mm grenades for two automatic grenade launchers (AGL), and 2,000 7.62 mm cartridges for a Kalashnikov PKTM coaxial medium machinegun. The two remotely controlled bow-mounted AGLs have received vertical stabilizers.

The Terminator`s front and sides have received explosive reactive armor reinforced by bar-slat sections in side rear. The BMPT has an advanced capability to engage low-flying targets, such as combat helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, by automatic cannons and guided missiles. The tank support vehicle known as Terminator has been brought into service, and its serial deliveries to the Russian military have already started. The first batch has been handed over to the military, approximately 10 vehicles have already been supplied. The BMPT did participate in the Victory Day parade on the Red Square in Moscow on 9 May.

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