Rheinmetall Boxer 8x8 armoured selected by Australia for Land 400 Program

The Minister for Defence of Australia has announced March 14, 2018, the decision to select the German Company Rheinmetall with its Boxer CRV 8x8 armoured vehicle for the purchase of 211 new Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles for the Australian Defence Force. The 211 vehicles will provide improved safety to Australian soldiers on deployment and on exercises around the world. They will boost mobility and firepower on the battlefield in the decades ahead.

Rheinmetall Boxer 8x8 armoured selected by Australia for Land 400 Program 925 001
Rheinmetall Boxer 8x8 armoured vehicle with two-man LANCE turret (Picture source Army Recognition)

The decision to select Rheinmetall is the result of a comprehensive three-year tender and rigorous testing process, which assessed its Boxer CRV as the most capable vehicle for the Australian Defence Force. The Boxer CRVs will undertake a range of missions, from regional stability and peacekeeping through to high-threat operations.

The Government will spend $5.2 billion to acquire the 211 vehicles, which will replace the Army’s current ageing Australian Light Armoured Vehicle fleet. Over the 30-year life of the vehicles, Australian industry will secure two thirds, or $10.2 billion, of the total investment in acquiring and maintaining the fleet, creating up to 1450 jobs right across Australia.

The new CRVs are part of the Turnbull Government’s $200 billion investment in Australian defence capability over the next decade to ensure the Australian Defence Force is equipped to succeed in our challenging strategic environment.

The Australian Government is determined to leverage this investment to build a sovereign and sustainable defence industrial base as a national strategic asset.

Rheinmetall Boxer 8x8 armoured selected by Australia for Land 400 Program 925 002
Inside view of trrops compartment of Rheinmetall BOXER  8x8 armoured (Picture source Army Recognition)

For the LAND 400 program of Australian Army, German Company Rheinmetall Defence has offered the latest version of the BOXER 8x8 armoured vehicle fitted with the two-man LANCE turret. This turret is armed with one 30mm automatic and one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. Featuring 360° armour protection, the medium-caliber LANCE modular turret system is based on a new concept and can be deployed in a wide variety of combat and security roles. Standard equipment of the turret also includes command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) architecture.

The Boxer armoured transport vehicle is being produced under a bi-national program. Highly mobile, it is a state-of-the-art wheeled vehicle whose modular design permits a wide variety of mission-specific configurations. Consisting of a uniform drive module, the Boxer vehicle family's user-specific mission modules can be quickly exchanged.

The design of the Boxer is divided in two major parts, a driving module which accommodates the driver and the automotive component and a separate mission module which mounts the national specific weapons, communications and stowage items. The driver is seated at the front right part of the hull with the power pack on its left. The rear part of the hull can accomodate 8 infantrymen.

The hull of the Boxer is made on steel armour construction with an applique layer of passive armour to provide a higher level of battlefield survivability. According to the manufacturer, it has a high level of protection against mines, artillery fragments and projectiles.