Russian Central Military District inducts Zoopark-1M counterbattery radars

New counterbattery radars Zoopark-1M were delivered to the artillery formation of the 41st combined arms army of the Central Military District deployed in Kemerovo region, the district said on February 28, 2018.

Russian Central Military District inducts Zoopark 1M counterbattery radars 001
A Russian Army Zoopark-1M counterbattery radar
(Credit: RR)

"The counterbattery radars will increase combat capabilities of artillery units and the effectiveness of counterbattery strikes at training missions," it said.

The weapon is designed for reconnaissance of missile and artillery fire positions. It determines the flight of the shell, the class of engaged arms, and the coordinates of the fire positions of the adversary. Zoopark-1M controls the destruction of the target by its own weapons.

Zoopark-1M radar is mounted on the undercarriage of MTLB tracked prime mover and can drive on any road. 

The radar can track artillery shells of 82 to 120mm at distances of up to 17 kilometers. It can detect 105 to 155mm projectiles at distances of 12 kilometers, multiple launch rocket systems at distances of 22 kilometers and tactical missiles at ranges of up to 45 kilometers.

The Zoopark complex сonsists of: 1L216 – missile and artillery ground reconnaissance system; 1I38 – maintenance vehicle; and ED60 – mobile power plant. 

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