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Cobra VBAS

Cobra 4x4 VBAS Streit Group

Light 4x4 Vehicle Borne Assault Platform System (VBAS) - UAE

Cobra 4x4 APC VBAS Streit Group Vehicle Borne Assault Platform System 925 001


The Cobra VBAS is based on the Streit Cobra 4x4 APC, a 4x4 armored personnel carrier (APC) designed and manufactured by Streit Group. It is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series and features a combination of ballistic steel monocoque body, mild steel inner floor, and under-body blast protection. This vehicle can be utilized by modern armed forces in diverse battlefield scenarios, as well as by law enforcement agencies when agility and protection are crucial.

Unveiled at the Counter Expo 2013 exhibition, the Streit Cobra APC Vehicle Borne Assault System (VBAS), provided by FDS (Force Development Services) and equipped with a sliding ladder for breaching buildings and overcoming obstacles up to 8.5 m high, is based on the Streit Cobra 4x4 APC. Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of military, law enforcement, and counter-terrorism operations, the Cobra VBAS serves as an intervention system for enabling swift access to buildings, aircraft, ships in port, public transport vehicles, and compound walls and fences.

Configured as a standard armored personnel carrier, the Cobra can accommodate a maximum of 9 people, including the driver and commander. The modular design of the Cobra facilitates swift movement and easy handling. Its 4x4 off-road performance is noteworthy, with independent suspension and differential locking capabilities that make it suitable for traversing challenging terrains.

Cobra 4x4 VBAS variants:

- The Streit Group Cobra 4x4 APC light armored vehicle, which can be configured to be used for a wide range of missions, with either 3 or 5 doors.

Technical Data

From the rooftop, users have the option to operate a multi-level ladder, securing it to the mounting tube assembly or the front of the assault ramp. The height-adjustable assault ramp allows rapid access to buildings and aircraft up to three meters above ground level. When combined with a multi-level ladder, the VBAS can achieve a maximum height of 8.5 meters, reaching the upper doors of a Boeing 747. The ladder can also be equipped with an aircraft gantry platform, providing users with a stable platform to operate from at any height achievable by the system. The gantry is designed to swivel, accommodating various approach angles and reducing the need for precise maneuvering by the vehicle driver. It includes a cushion bar for resting against aircraft, which can be removed to reveal a set of wheels for rolling up or down a building wall. Additionally, the assault ramp can be fitted with a fast roping system, allowing users to descend quickly over compound walls and fences up to two meters high, thereby reducing the time required for target entry.
Design and protection
The monocoque body of the Cobra VBAS is designed for optimal ballistic resistance and underbody blast protection, offering protection against small arms and shell splinters. The vehicle body is constructed from ballistic steel with a maximum thickness of 6.5mm, the inner floor consists of 3.7mm mild steel, and the underbody is reinforced with 6mm mild steel to protect against mine blasts. Optionally, the Cobra VBAS can be equipped with additional ceramic and composite add-on armor plates. A large bulletproof window is positioned at the front for the commander and driver, with doors on each side featuring bulletproof windows. The vehicle can be configured with either 3 or 5 doors, and the rear can accommodate four people. Access to the roof is facilitated by a rear access ladder, and additional side access ladders can be utilized if needed.
The Streit Group Cobra 4x4 VBAS can be motorized by a 4.5 L V8 diesel engine developing 216 hp, or a 5.7L V8 petrol engine generating 381 hp. The engine can be coupled with either a 6-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission. The Cobra 4x4 VBAS has a cruising range of 800 km, and a ground clearance of 510 mm. The off-road performance of the Cobra 4x4 VBAS is noteworthy, featuring independent suspension and differential locking for effective traversal of demanding terrains, allowing the vehicle to handle slopes up to 46%, and water obstacles with a depth of 0.7 m.
Combat Equipment
Potential additions for the Cobra VBAS include features such as an air conditioning system, a central tire-pressure regulating system, video surveillance and monitoring systems, GPS navigation system, public address and siren system, UHF/VHF communication equipment, LED police light bar, auxiliary A/C systems, 12/24V conversion systems, and blackout lighting compliant with NATO STANAG 4381.


Equipment Armor
Assault ladder and platform Floor: protection against mine blast
Crew compartment: CEN Level B6
Country users Weight
? 4.630 kg
Designer Country Speed
UAE / Canada Streit Group  ? km/h
Combat Equipment Range
Video surveillance, monitoring system, radio communication equipment, intercom, LED light bar, electronic winch, auxiliary A/C system, 12/24 volt conversion system 800 km
Crew Dimensions
2 +  7 infantrymen Length: 4.63 m; Width: 1.97 m; Height: 2.13 m

Details View

 Cobra 4x4 APC armoured personnel carrier VBAS Vehicle Borne Assault Platform System Streit Group defence industry front side view 001  Cobra 4x4 APC armoured personnel carrier VBAS Vehicle Borne Assault Platform System Streit Group defence industry rear side view 001
 Cobra 4x4 APC armoured personnel carrier VBAS Vehicle Borne Assault Platform System Streit Group defence industry right side view 001  Cobra 4x4 APC armoured personnel carrier VBAS Vehicle Borne Assault Platform System Streit Group defence industry left side view 001

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