MSPO 2018: Apex Vanguard unveils innovative Dog Mounted Camera

Apex Vanguard is delighted to announce the launch of its new Dog Mounted Camera, the company said during MSPO 2018 defense exhibition in Poland (Kielce).

MSPO 2018 Apex Vanguard unveils innovative Dog Mounted Camera
Apex Vanguard's Dog Mounted Camera at MSPO 2018
(Credit: Army Recognition)

Apex Vanguard’s Dog Mounted Camera offers a twin camera system, with a day/night infrared camera plus full thermal imaging. The camera is supported with a two-way audio capability together with a long range encrypted COFDM transmission system. The camera comes built into a fully ruggedised waterproof housing.

It offers a chest mounted screen to capture the view of the dog “sees” together with the ability to record images whilst also able to transmit via Wifi to a permanent base. The opportunity for a permanent recording provides significant long-term benefits for all users.

These applications range from military seek and find; war zone and terror situations; through all aspects of military applications to border force usage and beyond to search and rescue, to name but a few areas of application for this unique and brand-new offering.

This market leading innovation in remote camera applications offers new and a wider range of benefits to a vast variety of military and security situations.