MSPO 2018: New Command Post variant based on Rosomak 8x8 armored vehicle

The Polish Company Rosomak S.A., a subdivision of the Polish armaments industry PGZ, presents at MSPO 2018, the International Defence Industry Exhibition that was held in Poland, a new version of the Rosomak 8x8 armored vehicle in Command Post variant. The Rosomak is an 8×8 multi-role armored vehicle produced in Poland by Rosomak S.A., a variant of the Patria AMV manufactured under license in Poland.

Command Post variant based on Rosomak 8x8 armored vehicle MSPO 2018 Kielce Poland 925 001
New Rosomak 8x8 armored vehicle in Command Post variant at MSPO 2018, International Defence Industry Exhibition, in Kielce, Poland. September 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)

The new Command Post vehicle based on the Rosomak 8x8 chassis is designed to offer communication and coordination center to military units commanders during combat operations in static position or on the move. The Rosomak Command Post provides large interior space to support the commanders with all the equipment and electrical power required to manage the battlefield, with the same proven survivability and force protection as the standard Rosomak 8x8 Armored Personnekl Carrier (APC).

The Rosomak Comamnd Post is equipped with different types of communications systems including computers and software able to send classified data including NATO secret information.

Based on the combat proven chassis of the 8x8 Rosomak APC, the vehicle is able to accommodate 7 military personnel including driver, commander, on operator and four officers. The rear part of the vehicle has been raised to offer more internal space.

The Rosomak Comand Post as the same technical characteristics as the standard Rosomak, it can run at a maximum road speed of 100 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 800km. It offers protection against firing of small arms and artillery shell splinters. It provides protection is against firing of weapons up to 30 mm caliber using armor-piercing rounds. It can withstand up to 10 kg TNT explosion blast. Standard equipment of the vehicle includes mine-blast seats with four-points belts, anti-fire explosion system and air conditioning.

The new Rosomak Command Post is also fitted with a wide range of IT (Information Technology) equipment as well as radio stations, connected to external devices such as antennas. The rear part of the vehicle is fitted with a telescopic mast for FM radio antennas that can be deployed up to a maximum height of 15m.

Command Post variant based on Rosomak 8x8 armored vehicle MSPO 2018 Kielce Poland 925 002
The rear part of the Rosomak Command Post is fitted with telescopic mast for FM antennas (Picture source Army Recognition)