MSPO 2018: Polish multitask UAV buggy unveiled

The Polish company Wojskowe Zaklady Inzynieryne S.A. has unveiled a multitask UAV-UTV buggy presented as a dual-use vehicle, thus available for both military and civilian use. It is fully integrated with an UAV which uses the buggy roof as its landing platform.

MSPO 2018 Polish multitask UAV buggy unveiled
Wojskowe Zaklady Inzynieryne's multitask UAV buggy (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The buggy has a tubular structure which encompasses seating for five people. The cargo compartment can carry a payload of maximum 300 kg. The vehicle empty weight nears 1,000 kg. Needless to say that airborne and special forces are targeted as primary customers but border forces and other security units may be interested in this vehicle. The range of weaponry adaptable on it is wide, from machine guns to antitank missiles, but would require appropriate structure reinforcements and brackets.

When displayed at MSPO 2018, the buggy was covered with a high-tech camouflage net lowering the IR/thermal signature.