MSPO 2018: WB GROUP Introduces TOPAZ Integrated Combat Management System

WB Group announces the evolution of its TOPAZ software system from only a fire control software system to a fully Integrated Combat Management System - ICMS for military users providing a comprehensive suite of tools for commanders to enable quicker decision making and reaction.

MSPO 2018 WB GROUP Introduces TOPAZ Integrated Combat Management System
AMZ TUR VI light armoured vehicle at MSPO 2018

WB Group's engineering team has created TOPAZ ICMS to accelerate decision making with high levels of accuracy and work with other technologies for surveillance, command and communications, fire control and strike. TOPAZ ICMS facilitates an adaptive workflow drawing upon the core elements in battle: overwatch/observation, management/logistics and strike.

TOPAZ faciliates the battlefield management at every command level, enables a real-time analysis of information acquired from reconnaissance and observation systems and ensures the precise strike with use of the available loitering munitions systems. The system also enables the control of all logistic assets, including ammunition reserves and technical condition of vehicles by the commander.