Transforming the Landscape of Aerial Delivery by IRVINGQ at MSPO 2018

IrvinGQ is pleased to both launch their new company brand and to share the successes of their recent “ATAX” Aerial Delivery trials.

Transforming the Landscape of Aerial Delivery by IRVINGQ at MSPO 2018
Aerial Delivery platform, designed for swift configuration to suit a multitude of mission scenario (Picture source: IrvinGQ )

In May 2018, IrvinGQ successfully live dropped their “ATAX” Rapid Rig/De-Rig Aerial Delivery System in multiple configurations from C130. This introduces a new and highly capable Aerial Delivery System to the market, which transform the capability and speed at which military assets can be deployed.

Significant time is lost in the preparation and rigging of vehicles and equipment, to the extent that valuable assets are quite literally ‘tied-up’ waiting for ‘potential’ deployment. The traditional approach to aerial delivery requires considerable rigging time, expendable material and has a substantial environmental impact on the drop zone.

ATAX is designed to allow vehicles and equipment to be rigged in a matter of minutes not hours, once on the ground the unique design allows the de-rig of the equipment to be quicker still. This importantly reduces the time that personnel are exposed to threat and minimises the amount of debris left on the drop zone.

ATAX successfully delivers this advantage by the use of reusable airbag-deceleration packs that slot into the platform. The flexible, modular construction of ATAX allows for the quick configuration of multiple loads, whether it be miscellaneous stores, vehicles or small/large inflatable boats. Deployable from multiple aircraft (including C130, C17 or A400M) ATAX will transform the landscape of Aerial Delivery.