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Cobham enters South Korea's KF-X fighter jet project.

| 2017
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Cobham enters South Korea's KF-X fighter jet project
Cobham has been awarded a contract in excess of £7M (US$9 Mn) from Korean Aerospace Industries Ltd (KAI) to provide weapons carriage and release equipment for the future KF-X next-generation indigenous multi-role fighter aircraft.
Cobham enters South rea s KF fighter jet project 640 001Cobham's Missile Eject Launcher (MEL)
(Credit: Cobham)
Cobham Mission Systems will deliver by the year 2020 an undisclosed number of Missile Eject Launcher (MEL) units to KAI for KF-X, which is targeted for entry into service by 2025 to replace the Republic of Korea Air Force’s current F-4 and F-5 fleet.

Cobham’s MEL is an established market leader and continues to deliver consistently high performance and reliable service,” Ken Kota, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Cobham Mission Systems Wimborne said. “It is a highly robust, long stroke ejection system that allows the interchangeable carriage and release of either Meteor or AMRAAM air-to-air missiles without role change.

South Korea launched the KF-X project in 2015 with the aim of producing more than 120 cutting-edge fighters to replace its aging jet fleet of F-4s and F-5s.

It plans to pour a total of 18 trillion won (US$16 bn) into the project by 2026, with the production of six prototype jets scheduled to begin in July next year.

Cobham enters South rea s KF fighter jet project 640 002An artist's rendering of South Korea future KF-X fighter jet

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