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LIMA 2017: Dassault Rafale fighter starring once again in the Malaysian sky.

| 2017
LIMA 2017
Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition
21 - 25 March 2017
Langkawi Airport - Malaysia
LIMA 2017: Dassault Rafale fighter starring for the 4th time in the Malaysian sky
Two Rafale multirole fighter aircraft have touched down on March 20th in Mahsuri land, ready to own the Langkawi airspace with impressive aerial display routine during the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition 2017 (LIMA ’17). This is the fourth time that Rafale is participating in the largest aerospace exhibition in the region.
LIMA International Maritime and Aerospace defense exhibition 2017 36
The Rafale is showcasing its manoeuvrability in another awe-inspiring performance that is expected to mesmerise visitors for up to nine minutes. Flying at heights from a mere 100 feet to 3,000 feet with G limits of 9+ to -3G, the Rafale will display a variety of the twelve 2016/2017 solo aerial display sequences which include manoeuvres such as Square Dance, Slow Pass-Slow Loop, and the breathtaking Split “S” - Fullstop landing. In the pilot seat this time around will be the fourth Rafale Solo Display pilot, Captain JeanGuillaume Martinez, 40 who goes by the callsign “Marty”.

Captain Martinez joined the French Air Force in 1997 and has chalked up more than 3,300 hours of flight including 1,350 hours in the Rafale. The single seater (Rafale C) and twin-seater (Rafale B) combat-proven fighter aircraft currently in Langkawi belong to the French Air Force, who is once again present in LIMA ’17 in close collaboration with Rafale International.

Rafale International who also has a significant presence in the exhibition hall at booth HB321 said, “We are delighted to be back in Malaysia for LIMA. This exhibition is an opportunity for Rafale International to renew and strengthen ties with our existing and future partners. At the same time, it provides a good platform for the Rafale to showcase its state-of-the-art technology, capability and features that not only benefit the aviation and defence sector, but also for education and economic investment and development in Malaysia.
LIMA International Maritime and Aerospace defense exhibition 2017 35
The Rafale is produced by three major international aerospace leaders: Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales. These companies are actively collaborating with Malaysian partners among which are local industry players, organisations and institutions involved in research and high technology development. The Rafale is a twin-engine multirole fighter aircraft that is able to carry out a wide range of missions such as air policing and defensive counter air, air-to-ground precision attack, airto-sea strike, nuclear deterrence, and air reconnaissance without having multiple fighter aircraft in an operation.

This enables multiple missions to be carried in one sortie. In addition, having just one type of combat aircraft that fulfills multiple roles translates to highly efficient squadron maintenance and operations. Designed to be the sole combat aircraft within the French Air Force and Navy, being operated by the French armed forces in combat operations for more than a decade now, Rafale has proven its operational excellence in various theatres around the world. With continuous upgrades, this canard delta wing multirole aircraft is guaranteed to be operational for the next 40 years and beyond and is fully adaptable to any future needs.



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