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Dubai Airshow 2019: Belarus showcases latest UAV and C-UAV developments.

| 2019

At the Dubai Airshow 2019 exhibition being held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) between 17 and 21 November, Belarusian defense industry showcases its latest developments in the areas of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) systems, according to Belarus’ State Committee for Military Industry (Goskomvoenprom, GKVP).

Dubai Airshow 2019 Belarus showcases latest UAV and C UAV developments Busel M50 (Picture source: Twitter)

"Belarusian defense companies will present their latest technologies and capabilities in the field of development and production of robotized foxed- and rotary-wing aircraft and C-UAV systems," the GKVP announced on 15 November, ahead of the show.

The Committee showcases Belarus’ heaviest UAV, Yastreb (Hawk), which has a maximum take-off weight of some 700 kg, a payload capacity of up to 150 kg, and an endurance of six hours (or ten hours with an external fuel tank). The vehicle can carry two or three kamikaze drones (in fact, they are disposable loitering munitions). "The UAV will be produced in several configurations, including the combat one," said the GKVP.

Belarus also showcases a reconnaissance-combat rotary-wing UAV, the Busel (Stork) tactical UAV, and the upgraded Busel M50 UAV with a range of 20-70 km. The country’s industry also presents its new Burevestnik (Stormbringer) developed for emergency services, and the Burevestnik-MB combat UAV armed with two kamikaze UAVs that are intended to engage targets at a distance of up to 40 km.

Also showcases the Groza-S C-UAV system and the Rosa radar that detects low-flying aerial targets.

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