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Dubai Airshow 2019: Russia and UAE in talks on Su-35.

| 2019

Russia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continue negotiations on supplies of Russian Su-35 fighter jets, chief of Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugayev said at Dubai Airshow 2019.

Dubai Airshow 2019 Russia and UAE in talks on Su 35 A Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-35 performing at MAKS 2009 air show in Moscow (Picture source: Oleg Belyakov)

"Negotiations on supplies of Su-35 jets to the UAE are ongoing," he said. 

Su-35 is a multirole super maneuverable fighter jet of generation 4++ with a phased antenna array and steerable thrust engines. It develops a speed of 2.5 thousand km/h and has a range of 3.4 thousand km. The combat radius is close to 1.6 thousand km. The fighter jet is armed with a 30mm aircraft gun and has 12 bomb and missile suspensions.

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