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EDEX 2023: Egypt showcases advanced 6th October drone.

| 2023

Developed by the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production, the 6th October drone is reviewed by the editorial team of Army Recognition. This unmanned aerial vehicle incorporates advanced features designed to meet the varied demands of defense and security operations.

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EDEX 2023 Egypt showcases advanced 6th October Drone 925 Egyptian 6th October drone (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The drone is capable of operating at a service ceiling of 18,000 feet above sea level, thus offering an extended perspective for surveillance. It reaches a maximum speed of 260 km/h and has a cruising speed ranging between 120 and 240 km/h, with a landing speed set at 120 km/h.

The mission radius of the 6th October extends to 100 km with a standard antenna, enhancing its effectiveness in line-of-sight operations. The drone also boasts remarkable endurance, capable of operating up to 30 hours.

Equipped with an EO/IR system and a SAR system, the drone can conduct detailed reconnaissance in various environments, allowing for the collection of high-resolution images and data. It can be remotely piloted or operated entirely autonomously, including automatic takeoff and landing. It is also equipped with redundant flight control surfaces for increased reliability and safety.

External hardpoints for additional fuel tanks and the option of a second ground control station extend the operational range of the drone, highlighting its versatility for various missions.

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