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ExpoDefensa 2023: Colombian Army presents new Quimbaya X-003 UAV.

| 2023

At the ExpoDefensa 2023 in Colombia, the editorial team of Army Recognition closely examines the Quimbaya X-003, an unmanned aerial vehicle recently acquired by the Colombian Air Force (FAC). This UAV represents a significant advancement in Colombia’s defense capabilities, having been designed and developed by the Colombian Ministry of Defense through its Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation.

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ExpoDefensa 2023 Colombian Army presents New Quimbaya X 003 UAV 925 Colombian Air Force presents Quimbaya X-003 UAV. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The FAC has acquired two units of the Quimbaya X-003, following the completion of the fourth and final stage of tests aimed at evaluating the system's performance in various operational environments. This acquisition, valued at approximately 2.5 million dollars, includes the UAVs, shelters, antennas, and navigation systems, as well as technical support and personalized assistance provided by the CIAC (Corporation of the Colombian Aeronautical Industry).

The Quimbaya X-003 is a fixed-wing UAV, boasting an impressive flight autonomy of up to 10 hours. It weighs 70 kilograms and measures 5.24 meters in width and 4.11 meters in length. Developed in 2016 by the Ministry of Defense's Gsed (Group for Special Energy and Defense Projects), the UAV also features advanced navigation systems.

The Colombian Air Force plans to use these UAVs for strategic missions. The Quimbaya X-003 is equipped for surveillance and monitoring of energy infrastructure, including oil pipelines, exploration fields, and exploitation areas. Additionally, it's designed for ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) missions, highlighting its versatility and strategic importance.

This is the second drone model developed by Colombia and sold to its Air Force, following extensive testing and a year of intense national marketing. The National Police are also expected to acquire two units of the Quimbaya. The collaboration with CIAC and the support from Ecopetrol underscores the national effort in developing this UAV, marking a significant milestone in Colombia’s defense technology sector.

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