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At IDET 2015 SVOS showcases a 6x6 version of its VEGA multi-role armoured vehicle 19051531.

| 2015
IDET 2015
Official Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV
International Defence & Security Technologies Fair
19 - 21 May 2015
Brno, Czech Republic
SVOS at IDET 2015
At IDET 2015 SVOS showcases a 6x6 version of its VEGA multi-role armoured vehicle
VEGA is specially designed multi-purpose armoured vehicle providing high level of mine and all-round crew ballistic protection along with excellent cross-country capability and crew comfort in all Terrain conditions. At IDET 2015 exhition in Brno, Czech Republic, SVOS showcases the new 6x6 version of VEGA.

Its outstanding protection level and advanced technology equipment allow VEGA to be employed for the most various missions under any climatic conditions around the globe. VEGA has a monocoque structure with integrated v-shaped armoured hull that protects occupants by deflecting mine blasts anywhere under the vehicle. The vehicle is also protected against side blasts from improvised and roadside explosive device (IED) and fragment shaped projectiles (FSP). The rigid backbone chassis structure gives extremely high torsion resistance protecting superstructures from torsion stresses and together with independent wheel suspension improves mobility in rough terrain. VEGA combines exceptional performance, safety and comfort in a solid armoured vehicle which excels over the most demanding terrain.

The 6x6 version of VEGA vehicle allows SVOS to participate to the bid for the replacement of different types of APC in service in Czech Army. Czech Republic want to buy new vehicles for the units that will not be equipped with Pandur II armoured personnel carriers. The other main candidate is the TITUS of TATRA TRUCKS and the French company NEXTER.

A highlight feature of VEGA is the versatility and many ways in which it can be reconfigured to perform a variety of special operational roles.

According to the outstanding features of the vehicle chassis and vehicle hull, VEGA is ready to be designed and met any mission requirements, to provide both the vehicle transportation everywhere and the crew security every time.

Roof mountings to fix a remote weapons station, light cannon and smoke grenades transform VEGA into a highly effective Armed Personnel Carrier. Moreover, because we know that on the battlefield even details matter, VEGA can be fitted with a lot of optional equipment (which are individually solved for each client) that would enable the customer to fulfill and unify his needs. VEGA enables customization of the required technologies, outer and inner structure adjustment to fit the mission.

To see VEGA 6x6 and 4x4 armoured vehicle, go to SVOS's booth at IDET 2015, hall P, stand N°077.



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