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Army 2016: GAKS presents its TMM-3M2 heavy mechanized bridge 20909162.

| 2016
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Army 2016
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6 - 11 September 2016
Moscow, Russia
Press Release Army 2016
Army 2016: GAKS presents its TMM-3M2 heavy mechanized bridge
The Russia-based company GAKS JSC showcases this week at Army 2016 exhibition its new TMM-3M2 heavy mechanized bridge. This system is designed for river crossing along the movements of the troops. In 2015, Halych Auto-Crane Factory JSC started working on repairing and upgrading the TMM-3M in use in the Russian Armed Forces.
TMM-3M2 001The TMM-3M2 mechanized bridge is carried by a KamAZ-53501 6x6 truck
A first experimental model of the updated TMM-3M2 has been delivered in 2016 for preliminary trials.

The TMM-3M2 differs from the previous version thanks to its new hydraulic winch, which decrease the speed of folding and lowering the bridge. Ramp filler panels were also installed to increase the bridge traffic capacity.

The mechanical outriggers were replaced with hydraulic ones to reduce the time for unloading the rear axle suspension and for eliminating a roll of the bridge launcher and to reduce the number of manual operations. A rear camera has been installed to allow observation of the installation of the support brackets of the bridge bays.

The mechanized bridge is carried by a KamAZ-53501 truck. The full installation time is 45 minutes. The bridge capacity is 60 tons. The full set has a length of 42 m, weight 20.75 tons and is operated by a 2-strong crew.

TMM-3M2 002GAKS' new TMM-3M2 heavy mechanized bridge



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