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Advanced Armour Engineering awarded contract for manufacture of armoured steel hulls to Europe.

| 2018

British owned and managed Advanced Armour Engineering has been awarded the contract to supply fabricated cabs to a European customer over the next 18 months.

Advanced Armour Engineering awarded USD 3.7m contract for manufacture of armoured steel hulls to Europe
Steel cabs manufactured by Advanced Armour Engineering (Picture source: AAE)

Advanced Armour Engineering is a British owned and managed steel fabrication company which specialises in subcontract steel processing of laser cutting, bending, welding & painting of blast and ballistic steel components for armoured vehicle manufacturers. The company has seen rapid growth since starting the new business in the Middle East at the end of 2015. With 2018 now underway, AAE has already manufactured supplied welded and painted armoured cabins to the UK, USA, South Africa, India, UAE and Indonesia. The latest project awarded will see AAE produce in produce more than 50 more welded and painted hulls in 2018 using high grade armoured steel for both blast and ballistic protection.

AAE is well known in the Defence industry as a subcontractor of choice when it comes to cold forming blast floors, walls and roofs. Also, for working with armoured vehicle manufacturers to give steel design optimizations. Giving customers support in reduced weld joints and weight as well as looking to improve protection levels. “Our capacity over the past year has seen us increase our export business by more than 50%” Says AAE General Manger Simon Hurst. “Since providing our customers with a complete solution of painted and welded hulls we have seen an increase in interest from the European market. Giving quick turnaround on prototype manufacture as well as working on long term high volume contracts for armoured steel hull manufacture”

AAE is currently manufacturing steel components to the global market in the Defence and Security sector. With the some of the largest processing machinery for laser cutting and bending Armoured and high strength steels. "With our investments in state of the art machinery and specialised European welding engineers. Our customers will feel that Advanced Armour Engineering can be their partner of choice for optimised armoured fabrications in the future".


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