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Eurosatory 2018: Navantia and Torrey Pines Logic present new sniper detection systems.

| 2018

Torrey Pines Logic’s latest products in security and sniper detection are showcased at Navantia’s booth, at Eurosatory 2018. The two latest products are the Centinela EB210 and Beam 220. 

Navantia and Torrey Pines Logic present new sniper detection systems 
The Torrey Pines Logic Beam 220 and the displaying of the control unit's information on a laptop screen. (Picture source Army Recognition)

They are optical detection and counter-surveillance systems, on hardened 360rotating gimbal, providing full coverage against snipers’ optics, photography or video cameras. The system can be mounted on a vehicle or remain static.

The systems track deflection on a camera lens and then provide accurate geolocation with GPS data at the display and control unit, alarming the user. To avoid any false signals, the systems have multi-spectral imaging to verify the potential source of threat.

Having these capabilities, they can serve well the roles of border security, security of infrastructure or events.

The Beam 220 has a detection range from 50 up to 2.500 m and the Centinela EB210 up to 2.000 m. Continuous scanning is at 360in azimuth and -30o/+90in elevation. Weight is 2 kg. without battery and the backpack weight with all of the equipment is 14 kg. Both systems have LAN and WAN connectivity to operate with a networked computer.


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