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Mercedes presenting world premiere of the Unimog 5203 crewcab variant.

| 2018

At the 2018 Eurosatory show from 11 to 15 June 2018 on the exterior site of the German pavilion stand D 240, Mercedes-Benz is presenting the world premieres of the Unimog 5023 with a crewcab. The product range includes a variety of trucks of different sizes and payloads, plus engines for several fuel classes and emission standards for logistical and tactical tasks. Some models are available to the Euro VI emission standard, and these can be registered under all legislative conditions.

Mercedes Unimog 5203 crewcab 001
Mercedes Unimog 5203 with crewcab at Eurosatory 2018

The Unimog 5023 with a crewcab is being unveiled for the first time to a specialist audience from the defence and security sector. Driven by the high-torque Euro VI OM 934 engine with 170 kW (231 hp), the 5023 offers single seats at the front and a rear bench seat with room for several crew members and their equipment in the crewcab.

Two single seats in the second row are possible as an alternative. Two doors on each side enable the occupants to leave and take their seats quickly at the application location. The increased interior height of the cab offers sufficient headroom to put on a protective helmet while still in the vehicle, for example. Even with a full complement of seven passengers the powerful integrated air conditioning ensures that the air in the cab is clean and fresh.

With its innovative body design, the crewcab weighs only 120 kg more than a standard cab, so there is hardly any impact on payload. With the exception of the power take-off, all other advantages of the extreme all-terrain Unimog are retained in the crewcab version.

The U 5023 on display has been given a body by Sonntag transport technology for transporting mission equipment weighing up to three tonnes.


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