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Russia will take delivery of S-350 Vityaz air defense missile system next year.

| 2018

Sunday, December 30, 2018 Russian Defense Ministry has announced that Russia's Aerospace Forces will take delivery of first S-350 Vityaz medium-range surface-to-air defense missile next year. The first trials test of the S-350 was started in 2015.

Russia will take delivery of S 350 Vityaz air defense missile system next year 925 001
Battery of S-350 Vityaz at Maks AirShow in Moscow, August 2013. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The S-350 Vityaz 50R6 is a new mobile ground-to-air defense system designed, developed and manufactured in Russia by the Russian Defense Company Almaz-Antey. Development of a Vityaz began in the early 1990s with a series of successful system firings against various target types.

In February 2013, the Russian Ministry of Defense and Almaz-Antey announced the first flight test for the Vityaz 50R6 for autumn 2013. The system was unveiled for the first time to the public during the MAKS AirShow in Moscow, August 2013.

One S-350 battery includes the 50K6E command post, 50N6E multifunction radars and 50P6E launchers, each mounting 12 9M96E2 missiles. Its simultaneous multiple-target engagement capability for aerodynamic threats is 16 and for ballistic ones - 12. The Vityaz has a maximum horizontal range of 60 km, a maximum vertical range of 30 km, a deployment time of 5 min. and a crew of three.

The S-350 Vityaz can fire different type of missiles including the 9M96/9M96E(E2) guided missiles with a range from 12 to 120 km and the 9M100 guided missile with a maximum firing range of 15 km.

The launcher mobile unit of S-350 Vityaz carries a total of twelve missile containers in two lines of six.

Russia will take delivery of S 350 Vityaz air defense missile system next year 925 002
Mobile launcher unit of S-350 Vityaz at MAKS AirShow near Moscow, August 2013 (Picture source Army Recognition)

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