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Russian army in Siberia received first BMP-2M IFV armed with Berezhok combat module.

| 2018

A motorized rifleman brigade of the Central Military District (CMD) in Kemerovo region has received eight upgraded BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) armed with Berezhok combat module, the CMD press service reports.

Russian army in Siberia received first BMP 2M IFV armed with Berezhok combat module
BMP-2M (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"Motorized riflemen in Kemerovo region have received the first batch of upgraded infantry fighting vehicles. Eight BMP-2M vehicles with Berezhok combat module have arrived under the state defense order. This is the first delivery of such hardware in the Central Military District," the press service specified. Previously, TASS reported that sixteen BMP-2M fighting vehicles would arrive before the year’s end at the tank division of the Central Military District.

The BMP-2M is a derivative of the BMP-2 with Berezhok combat module. The machine is designed for transporting personnel, improving mobility, increasing fire power and enhancing protection on the battlefield. The vehicle is armed with 30 mm caliber automatic cannon, 7.62 mm twin machinegun, anti-tank guided missiles, and automatic grenade launcher.


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