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Russian Southern Miltary District receives upgraded large caliber rifles, automatic guns.

| 2018

The arsenal of the Southern Military District (SMD) combined arms motor rifleman unit deployed in Rostov region is replenished with latest upgraded small arms, the district said. "The first batch of upgraded SVDM sniper rifle and 12.7 mm ASVK-M Kord-M large caliber army sniper rifle has arrived for service," it said.

Russian Southern Miltary District receives upgraded large caliber rifles automatic guns2
ASVK-M Kord-M 12.7mm sniper rifle, a weapon efficient up to around 2,000 meters (Picture source: Army Recognition)

In addition, the SMD motor rifleman division’s reconnaissance units have received for service the upgraded AK-74M Kalashnikov assault rifle fitted with the upgrade package KM-AK Obves, i.e., a version differing from that for combined arms units by having a flame suppressor and tactical light.

ASVK-M rifle, comprised by the Ratnik advanced soldier kit, is designed for engaging lightly armored hardware and various materiel and enemy manpower wearing individual protection armor gear. It enables effective struggle against enemy snipers and protection of large areas. A powerful 12.7 mm round kills targets at a range of up to 2,000 meters, while the shooter remains beyond aimed fire from standard caliber small arms.

The Obves system envisions the use of a new forearm and receiver top plate. Mounted on the automatic weapon is a forearm from glass-filled polyamide. It is also fitted with a light, laser target designator and other common accessories. Fitted with the Obves system, AK-74M is superior to the basic version in a number of parameters. For instance, its accuracy grows by a factor of 1.3.


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