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Serbia wants to buy Chaborz M3 buggies from Russia.

| 2018

Serbia plans to buy a shipment of three-seat Chaborz M-3 cross-country vehicles developed by the Russian Special Forces University, which is located in Gudermes, Chechnya, Daniil Martynov, the University curator and an aide to the head of Chechnya for the power-wielding bloc, told TASS.

Serbia wants to buy Chaborz M3 buggies from Russia
Russian Chaborz M-3 buggy designed for special forces (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"We have already supplied one cross-country vehicle to Serbia. We have struck a deal with them. We have recently organized a very big demonstration of our vehicles and the Serbian defense minister liked them very much. They are now preparing their technical design specifications. We will have to adjust it to their tasks. We will continue supplying cross-country vehicles to Serbia in future," Martynov said.

He noted that China and Kazakhstan were also interested in buying the Chechen buggies. "A complete package of the M-3 (three-seat) cross-country vehicle costs about 1.7 million rubles. Everything depends on technical design specifications. It is multifold cheaper than foreign analogues," Martynov clarified.

Light multirole cross-country vehicles are capable of carrying a crew of three men and up to 250 kg worth of cargoes in difficult terrain and on impassible roads in the steppe, in the desert and in the mountains. The Chaborz M3 buggies are developed by Russian designers and made of Russian components by 95%. They have undergone trials in most difficult conditions. The batch production is 30 vehicles a month.


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