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Chinese armed forces receive new Type 19 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

| 2023

As reported by wsnbn on November 1, 2023, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Ground Forces (PLAGF) have received a new wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) known as the Type 19. This new 8x8 armored vehicle is an upgraded iteration of the ZBL-08 IFV developed and manufactured by the Chinese company NORINCO.
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The Type 19 Infantry Fighting Vehicle was spotted near a NORINCO factory in broad daylight (Picture source: Twitter)

Expected to gradually replace the IFV variant of the ZBL-08 known as Type 08, the Type 19 IFV comes equipped with an unmanned turret armed with a 30mm caliber automatic cannon as its primary armament. In addition to the main weapon, the vehicle is armed with a diverse arsenal that includes four anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and a coaxial 5.8mm machine gun. This multifaceted armament configuration ensures the Type 19's capability to engage both armored vehicles and infantry effectively. The Type 19 is also equipped with 12 smoke grenade launchers, arranged as two lines of four horizontal launchers at the front of the turret and two lines of two vertical launchers on either side of the gun.

The four anti-tank guided missiles are located in an armored launcher on the right-hand side of the turret. It seems that, in order to be used, this box probably deploys vertically, and it appears that the side armor of this box is probably reinforced, indicating the areas to be protected as a priority.

At the time of writing, it appears that the Type 19 IFV does not feature an Active Protection System (APS) as part of its standard equipment. Nevertheless, images depict a batch of vehicles fresh off the assembly line at NORINCO, suggesting that the installation of APS and other equipment enhancements may follow shortly.

An intriguing feature of the Type 19 IFV is its gunner sight layout, where approximately 80% of the gunner's sight is concealed beneath the main gun shield. This distinctive configuration sets it apart from other armored vehicles in the Chinese People's Liberation Army Ground Forces' inventory.

Notably, the Type 19 IFV is designed to serve both the People's Liberation Army Ground Forces and the Chinese People's Liberation Army Marine Corps. This dual-purpose indicates that the Type 19 IFV possesses amphibious capabilities, as evidenced by the presence of a wave-deflector blade at the front of the hull and two propellers at the rear, making it versatile for a variety of military operations.

In terms of its crew and troop capacity, the Type 19 IFV accommodates a crew of three individuals, typically comprising a driver, commander, and gunner. Additionally, the vehicle can transport up to seven infantrymen, allowing it to play a role in troop transport and support operations. The engine appears to be at the right front of the vehicle, given the position of the engine grill, indicating that the rear space is reserved for transporting troops.

The driver seems to have three episcopes, positioned on top of its hatch. The antennae on the top of the turret, which may in fact act as laser warning receivers, seem to fold down onto the turret roof, probably to make them easier to transport by air. The turret may well be fitted with reactive armor plates, given that the plates on the front and sides of the turret appear to be held by four bolts, a system often used to attach reactive armor blocks on armored vehicles.

The Type 19 IFV is reported to be powered by an engine similar to that of its predecessor, the ZBL-08, specifically the Deutz BF6M1015C diesel engine. This engine has a displacement of 11,900 cc and generates 440 horsepower. These specifications enabled the ZBL-08 to achieve a maximum speed of approximately 100 km/h, with an operational range extending up to 800 km.

China Type 19 Infantry Fighting Vehicle 925 002

According to some photos shared on Chinese social networks, it seems that the Type 19 IFV is already deployed within certain units of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Ground Forces (PLAGF). (Picture source: Chinese social media)


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