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BSDA 2024 Summary at Black Sea Defense Aerospace Exhibition in Romania.

The Black Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition (BSDA) 2024 is in full swing in Romania, attracting global defense and aerospace leaders to showcase the latest technological advancements. Today, the Army Recognition editorial team provided a detailed report on the highlights of the event, with a special focus on the prominent presence of the Turkish Defense Industry.
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The Turkish Defense Company Aselsan displayed its Korkut short-range air defense system at BSDA 2024, a defense exhibition that was held in Romania. (Picture source: Army Recognition Group)

BSDA, the international tri-service Defence, Aerospace, and Security exhibition, takes place every two years to gather the entire spectrum of offer and demand in these domains. It was created in its original form in 2007 and has continuously evolved, witnessing a steady increase in the number of attendees, both visitors and exhibitors. This year is no exception, with a record turnout reflecting the growing significance of this event on the global stage.

One of the standout exhibits is Turkey’s state-of-the-art Korkut short-range air defense system. This highly anticipated display drew considerable attention from military officials and industry experts alike. The Korkut system, developed by ASELSAN, is designed to provide effective air defense against a variety of aerial threats, including helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and low-flying aircraft.

The Korkut system features a dual 35mm automatic cannon integrated on an ACV-30 tracked vehicle, capable of engaging multiple targets simultaneously with high precision. Its advanced radar and electro-optical sensor suite ensure robust target detection and tracking capabilities, making it a formidable asset in modern air defense.

The Turkish Defense industry's participation at BSDA 2024 underscores its growing influence and capability in the global defense market. Their display not only highlights the technological prowess of the Korkut system but also emphasizes Turkey's commitment to enhancing its defense capabilities and international partnerships.

As the exhibition continues, the Army Recognition team will provide ongoing coverage and insights into the latest developments, key presentations, and strategic collaborations. Stay tuned for more updates from BSDA 2024, where the future of defense and aerospace is on full display.

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