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Shrek MIV.

| 2021

SHREK 4X4 MIV Streit Group

Streit Group Shrek 4X4 Armored Mine Interrogation Vehicle - UAE

Shrek mine interrogation route clearance 4x4 armoured vehicle Streit Group defense industry 640 001


Based on the Armored Shrek MRAP platform, the Shrek MPV is equipped with an Interrogation Arm for route clearance. It is the last non-militarized protected vehicle intended to operate in hazardous environments and perform route clearance operations. STREIT Group Shrek Bomb Vehicle features the same drive train as the APC and the Ambulance which makes it an ideal vehicle to be strategically placed throughout convoy moves. Jointly developed by Streit Group and Ukrainian Company AutoKrAZ, the Shrek Mine Protected Vehicle was unveiled for the first time at Eurosatory 2014 in Paris.

Scorpion MRAP variants:

- Shrek-APC Armored Personnel Carrier: Shrek armored personnel carrier variant, which has a crew of two and accommodates 10 fully-equipped soldiers.
- Shrek Ambulance: Shrek armored ambulance variant, which has a crew of two and accommodates 4 stretchers with two medical attendants. The vehicle carries all essential medical equipment.

Technical Data

Shrek Mine Interrogation variant is a non-militarized vehicle.
Design and protection
STREIT Group Shrek family is based on the KrAZ-5233 4x4 all-terrain military truck. Crew protection is ensured by a B6+/STANAG 4569 Level 2 armor, which provides all-around protection against 7.62x39 mm API BZ armor-piercing ammunition fired at 30 meters at 695 m/s speed. All vehicle window glasses are made in bullet-resistant transparent armor composed of multilayer glass and polycarbonate inner level. The vehicle has a V-shaped hull. Shrek is a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle. Each wheel is protected against 2xTM57 Russian landmines, corresponding in blasts equivalent to 14 kg of TNT. The V-Hull can resist 1 x TM57 landmine blast, corresponding to 7 kg of TNT anywhere under the hull.
STREIT Group Shrek is motorized with the YAMZ-238D (Yaroslav Motor Plant, Russia) 14.86 liter V8 diesel engine producing 330bhp, the Shrek 4x4 features ample pulling power. This 4-stoke engine is coupled with a Fast Gear Co. (China) 9JS150TA-B manual, double-range, and 9-speed gearbox. Duel fuel tanks on either side of the vehicle contain 320l liters of fuel, sufficient enough to carry the Shrek on 600km. STREIT Group Shrek Bomb Vehicle is fitted with 445.65 R22.5 XLZ Michelin tires with Run Flat Hutchinson.
Combat Equipment
The main accessory of the Shrek Bomb Vehicle is its Interrogation Arm, which is hydraulically operated from a set position in the rear of the vehicle or an operator portable controller, chargeable using the internal power sockets. The arm has a working reach of 6 meters and is capable of lifting 200 kg at this range. It can be fitted with a variety of tools to aid it in several tasks: CCTV attachment, a digging fork, a surface roller, a crust breaker, and a grab hand to lift suspicious objects. The arm also features a remote-controlled close-circuit camera to give the operator a bird's eye view of the end of the arm. A double barrel water disruptor can be added to the arm which fires water at a pre-determined pressure level to clear away ground covering to confirm the identity. The pressure level can be increased to a higher degree, significant enough to detonate at a distance. The Interrogation Arm has working arches of 45° across the rear of the vehicle (22.5° either side of the center) enough width to clear an entire lane of road or track. Mine Interrogation Arm hydraulic hoses and fixtures are fully protected against blast. STREIT Group Shrek Mine Interrogation Vehicle is also equipped with all necessary items for routine repair and maintenance of the vehicle, toolbox, full operator and maintenance manual, spare parts manual, and vehicle self-recovery kit (incl. straps, U-links, and cables). Crew comfort is ensured by a heavy-duty air conditioning system for tropical environmental conditions. The Shrek is also fitted out with numerous electrical sockets. There are 2 x 12 volt outputs in the driver's compartment, as well as further 4 x 12 volt power outlets in the rear of the vehicle. There is also a 24V-220V inverter which is connected to 4 x 220 volt three pin plug outlets, which allows operation and charge of countless electrical devices.


Armament Armor
Non-militarized vehicle Crew Compartment: B6+/STANAG 4569 Level 2
Country users Weight
United Nations 16,000 kg
Designer Country Speed
UAE / Canada Streit Group  ? km/h
Combat Equipment Range
2x Spare Wheels, Heavy-duty air conditioning, Front mounted winch, VHF and HF radio system, Toolbox for repair and maintenance, 4x12 volt power connections in the rear of the vehicle, 2 fire
600 km
Crew Dimensions
3 + 2 soldiers Length: 7.78 m; Width: 2.63 m; Height: 3.14 m

Details View

 Shrek mine interrogation route clearance 4x4 armoured vehicle Streit Group defense industry front side view 001   Shrek mine interrogation route clearance 4x4 armoured vehicle Streit Group defense industry rear side view 001 
 Shrek mine interrogation route clearance 4x4 armoured vehicle Streit Group defense industry left side view 001   Shrek mine interrogation route clearance 4x4 armoured vehicle Streit Group defense industry right side view 001 

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