Last batch of IMR-3M engineer armored vehicles delivered to Russian MoD

Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has received the last batch of IMR-3M armored engineering vehicles (AEVs) under a contract signed with the Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) research-and-manufacturing corporation, a subsidiary of Rostec, at the Army 2016 international military-technical forum near Moscow, Russia.

Last batch of IMR 3M engineer armored vehicles delivered to Russian MoD 925 001
IMR-3M engineer tracked armored vehicle based on T-90 MBT Main Battle Chassis at defense exhibition near Moscow, Russia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

"In early November 2018, the engineer troops of Russian army have received the last batch of the IMR-3M AEVs under the contract signed at the Army 2016 defense show. Therefore, this agreement has been implemented to the full extent," the source said without specifying the exact number of the IMR-3Ms delivered to the Russian military. "The armed forces have received several dozen IMR-3M systems," he added.

The IMR-3M AEV is based on the chassis of the T-90S main battle tank (MBT) that has also been developed by UVZ. The vehicle is 9,320 mm long, 3,500 mm wide and 3,430 mm high and weighs 49.5 t with the KMT-RZ minesweeping device. The IMR-3M is powered by an 840-hp V-84MS multifuel diesel engine, producing a maximum speed of 60 km/h and a range of 500 km. The baseline AEV is fitted with a U-type dozer blade, jib-type crane with an excavator bucket, and minesweeping plow. "A chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear [CBRN] reconnaissance device, smokescreen generator, advanced signal suite and automatic fire extinguisher. "The IMR-3M is armed with an NSVT 12.7 mm heavy machinegun [HMG] in a remotely controlled station," a source from UVZ told TASS.

According to the Military Balance 2018 analytical report issued by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the Russian Land Force (Sukhoputniye Voyska, SV) operates several types of AEVs, including the IMR, IMR-2 and IMR-3. It should be mentioned that UVZ now offers only the IMR-3M to both domestic and international customers.

The Russian military is shoring up its fleet of combat engineering systems. At this year`s Army 2018 international military-technical forum, UVZ and the MoD signed a contract for several BMR-3MA Vepr (Boar) mine clearance vehicles (MCVs). The MCV deactivates all types of anti-tank mines fitted with contact mechanical, remote magnetic and remotely controlled fuzes. The vehicle is effective against improvised explosive devices (IEDs) due to an integral wide-band jammer. The BMR-3MA can transport up to three engineers.

The Vepr MCV features relatively high level of anti-mine protection compared with the vehicles on the base of armored personnel carriers (such as the M1132 ESV developed by General Dynamics) or mine-resistant ambush-protected platforms (such as the Husky 2G route clearance system developed by South Africa`s DCD). The protection level of the BMR-3MA is almost identical to that of the T-72/T-90 MBT; the MCV also features the Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armor. A mine plow, electromagnetic unit and jammer allow the MCV to clear routes at a speed of up to 12 km/h. The MCV carries a manually controlled jib-type crane with a payload capacity of up to 2,500 kg.

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