Thailand demonstrates new 4x4 AFV-420P Mosquito armored fighting vehicle

Panus Assembly Co. Ltd displays the latest version of its 4x4 armored vehicles based on HMV-420. Following a series of tests carried on from September to this November month in Kanchanaburi and listening to the input from the army requesting a special layer of armor emerged the new "Mosquito" 4x4 AFV-420P vehicle.

Thailand demonstrates new 4x4 AFV 420P Mosquito armored fighting vehicle 925 002
Panus has completed the testing phase of its 4x4 AFV-420P "Mosquito" (Picture source: Battlefield Defense)

Steel layers can be added to protect the personnel and engine compartments against 12.7 mm caliber ammunition and schrapnels. The axle shafts have been replaced with larger ones and the tires are enlarged so that the vehicle is slightly higher. The vehicle can accommodate a remotely controlled weapon station of a more conventional turret armed with a 12.7 mm caliber MG and/or missile launcher(s).

The AFV-420P platform is used for variants such as APC, radar vehicle, command and communication vehicles, etc. The AFV-420P has a weight of 15.84 tons, with a payload of 1.5 tons. This vehicle has a length of 6.72 m, width of 2.86 m, height of 2.98 m, ground clearance is 0.61 m. It can reach 110 km/h. The turning radius is minimal thanks to its 4-wheel steering system.

Panus wants to produce and sell AFV-420P overseas.

Thailand demonstrates new 4x4 AFV 420P Mosquito armored fighting vehicle 925 003

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