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More 3M body armours for the US Army
The US Army has ordered additional body armours from Ceradyne, a 3M company, in an effort to reduce the weight carried by soldiers without sacrificing protection. The new contract includes 28,000 pieces of body armour at a cost of USD34 million. It is implemented under the Soldier Protection Systems Vital Torso Protection programe, for lightweight enhanced small arms protective inserts.
More 3M body armours for the US Army
Source: 3M

These ceramic plates which provide protection against small arms fire, are used by soldiers across the four services of the US Armed Forces. The deliveries are expected to be concluded within 2016 under a low-rate initial production.

“We’ve made it our mission to leverage innovation in advanced materials science to reduce the weight burden carried by soldiers,” said Cheryl Ingstad, business manager, Advanced Ceramics Platform – Defense, 3M. “3M’s capability to decrease the weight of products, while maintaining or even enhancing performance characteristics, is well-recognized in industries from automotive to apparel. 3M has deep expertise in safety products used by the military, such as Peltor tactical communications systems from 3M, and head, eye, hearing and respiratory protection. 3M is the only provider to supply the U.S. Armed Forces with both body armor and the most advanced helmet available, the enhanced combat helmet (ECH).”

Ingstad added, “Ceradyne has fielded over 100,000 ECHs and 2 million body armor inserts to the U.S. Armed Forces. Our speed in production and delivery is in part due to our major investment in state-of-the-art helmet manufacturing. Just as we invest heavily in research, development and manufacturing, we also have a major effort underway to understand and translate soldier needs in head and body protection to exciting, new developments in our products.”