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US Army system to reduce manpower for perimetre security
The US Army has come to address the pressing need for soldiers who will execute combat missions instead of carrying other secondary combat tasks, such as guarding a camp’s perimetre. At the ongoing NIE 16.1 exercise the Army is using the Tower Hawk System.
US Army system to reduce manpower for perimetre security 1
Source: US Army

The containerized system is comprised of expeditionary towers with remote-control weapons and sensors on top. The control of the systems is carried out by a station in the camp’s operation centre. During the exercise the Army used an M2 0.50’’ cal. heavy machine gun and a .338 Lapua sniper rifle. During the tests, the operator from the control station was able to rotate those weapons at 360o angles or raise and lower them. However, the system can control just about any kind of light weapon or heavy weapons such as multiple grenade launchers.

The sensors of the Tower Hawk System include everything that is required by the user to operate during the day or night. Thus, the tower includes a TV camera for day operations or infrared and thermal optics for the night. The Joint All Hazard Control System software controlling the system is also capable of distinguishing between friendly and enemy forces.

According to Lt. Col. Raphael Heffin, Commander of the 142nd Combat Service Support Battalion, the unit that fielded Tower Hawk System, six soldiers can set it up in less than an hour. All of its components are packed in the container, making it easily transportable to any location.

Albeit a simple concept, it can save manpower for the core of combat operations. Lt. Col. Raphael Heffin stressed that at a conventional outpost, it takes four to six soldiers doing eight or 12-hour shifts, manning one weapon system on the perimetre of an expeditionary base. Considering that two operators are enough to control the system at any given time, it saves a lot of manpower for other tasks.

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