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Bumbar short-range portable anti-tank missile highlighted at PARTNER 2015
Officially in service in the Serbian armed forces since 2012, the Bumbar (Bumble-bee) always attracts much attention from visitors and foreign delegations when it is showcased at defense shows. At PARTNER 2015, the Bumbar is particulary highlighted on Serbian army's display. The Bumbar is a short-range portable anti-tank missile system developed and produced by the Serbian company Krusik.
Bumbar short range portable anti tank missile highlighted at PARTNER 2015 640 001Bumbar guided missile system can be mounted on shoulder or on a tripod, here showcased on Serbian army's booth at PARTNER 2015
The Bumbar is a wire guided, man-portable, short-ranged missile system for use against ground targets. The missile has a soft launch capability - the main motor firing after the missile has left the launcher, which allows for the missile to be fired from confined spaces, which is a necessity in urban warfare. During the flight rocket is maneuvered by unique system of thrust vectoring.

The Bumbar features tandem hollow charge warhead, capable to destroy modern tanks with reactive homogenous armor. It is also equipped with SACLOS guidance (Semi-automatic command to line of sight), improved anti-jamming protection based on sequential frames differential processing, and frequency, time and space discrimination.

Bumbar short range portable anti tank missile highlighted at PARTNER 2015 640 002Bumbar's launching system and missile on Krusik display at PARTNER 2015
Bumbar guided missile has all terrains fighting capabilities including urban areas, missile can be launched from confined space. The launcher can be shoulder mounted or fitted on a tripod. The weapon has a total weight of 19.8 kg, the tripod and the firing post weight 4 kg each. It has a maximum range of 600 m and a hit probability of 90%.

The missile is propelled by two main rocket motor exhaust vanes located at mid body. As the missile rotates the launch units send signals commanding the correction by one of the two vanes to move against the missile motors thrust. For example if the missile has to move to the left, the right thrust vector vane will actuate at the correct time. The warhead penetration is over 1000 mm RHA behind ERA. The missile has a speed of 18 m/s at launch and 245 m/s at maximum.

The Bumbar missile system is currently being improved in order to increase maximum range up to 1,000 m and with the addition of a laser beam riding.