Vlatacom introduces new multi sensor imaging system at PARTNER 2015, the vMSIS 32406151

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Vlatacom introduces new multi sensor imaging system at PARTNER 2015, the vMSIS
The Serbian company Vlatacom is showcasing for the first time the vMSIS, a brand new multisensor imaging system. Unveiled at PARTNER 2015 exhibition in Belgrade, vMSIS deploys innovative image processing techniques based on sensor fusion algorithms for better results in threat detection and tracking.
Vlatacom introduces new multi sensor imaging system at PARTNER 2015 the vMSIS 640 001Vlatacom vMSIS multisensor imaging system at PARTNER 2015
Vlatacom' vMSIS features various classes of image fusion: Electro-optical/Infrared multi sensor fusion, High dynamic range (HDR) multi exposure fusion and customer tailored solutions. A preprocessing software for anti-vibration and anti-rain filtering is included as essential part of long range surveillance outdoor system.

The vMSIS system has pan/tilt platform and works in extended temperature range, so it is convenient in most stationary and mobile installations. Remote control and monitoring allow sensors and image fusion algorithm parameters' setting from control center. vMSIS is able to detect a person up to 5 km day/night and furthermore to refine analysis of the extracted object with aim to recognize and identify it.

The modular multi sensor imaging system vMSISoffers versatile imagers configurations. Its basic configuration vMSIS Fusion EO/IR is designed as a perimeter surveillance system providing 24h, wide-area, all-weather surveillance capability that may be leverage to detect and identify men and vehicles that are within a confirmed distance from defined perimeter. Thermal imager in the system provides excellent night vision capability at long range without lighting or other artificial illumination.

Due to capability of thermal energy to travel through smoke, dust and light fog better than visible light, thermal imager can detect activity at extemely long ranges. Low light imager in the system provides excellent imaging across varying light condition, from daylight to low-light levels.

Software preprocessing and fusion of images from both sources ensures maximum reliability and performance in long range surveillance for border security, power generation facilities, refineries, and airports security, ports and harbors, search and rescue missions, or traffic safety.

Vlatacom High Resolution Daylight Camera is based on cutting edge technology for IP cameras. Supported resolutions are 10MP, 8MP, 5MP, 1.3MP. Frame rate for streaming video in full HD is 60fps. At output, raw imag data is obtained using Camera Link as well as three video compressions (H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG) High performance 1 GHz DSP is able to process, compress and do advance video analytics. Alos, Onvif and PSIA standards are supported.