New Mi-17 helicopters for India 40309153

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New Mi-17 helicopters for India 40309153
The Indian Defense Acquisition Council has approved the procurement of 48 new Mi-17-V5 utility helicopters from the Russian Helicopters Company. The USD1.1 billion contract was reported by the Economic Times newspaper in Mumbai.
India Mi 17 V5
Indian Mi-17-V5 utility helicopter

This type of helicopters consist the backbone of the utility helicopters fleet of the Indian Armed Forces. During the last five years Russian Helicopters has delivered a total of 121 units, bringing their total number to just over 300 in the Indian inventory.

The V5 version has been specifically developed for the Indian requirements. It is powered by the VK-2500 turbosharft engines which produce 2,700hp, which allow for a larger payload to be carried, especially in high altitudes of up to 6,000 m., has the KNEI-8 avionics suite, including four Multifunction Displays (MFD), the cockpit is NVG compatible, has an airborne weather radar and autopilot system.

The helicopters can be equipped with a weapons package that includes the Shturm-V missiles, S-8 rockets, a 23mm gun, PKT machine-guns and AKM sub-machines guns.