Turkey deploys 80 military vehicles along border with Syria

A total of 80 tracked military vehicles were sent to the Syrian-Turkish border near Turkey's southern province of Hatay Sunday, local Daily Sabah reported on September 17.

Turkey deploys 80 military vehicles along border with Syria 001
Turkey deployed 80 more military vehicles along its border with Syria
(Credit: Anadolu Agency)

Military vehicles, including tanks, which departed from the Luleburgaz district in northwestern Kirklareli province, were brought to Hatay's Iskenderun district via railroad. After being loaded from the train to trucks by the army personnel, the military equipment headed for the border area under tight security measures.

The new deployment was part of a fresh reinforcement for troops already stationed there. Late on Saturday, Turkish army dispatched first aid trucks and military vehicles to the same location, along with heavy equipment, according to state-run Anadolu Agency.

A third convoy of armoured vehicles was heading to Hatay's Reyhanli district, the report said.

Turkish Armed Forces also said exercises had begun in the Silopi and Habur areas of Sanliurfa province, it said on its website. Counter-terrorism operations targeting the PKK on the Turkish side of the border are ongoing, the statement said.