South Korean company LIG Nex1 inks USD163 mn counter battery radar system deal

South Korean aerospace and defense company LIG Nex1 announced on September 3 it signed a supply contract connected to the Korean military counter-battery radar system II program. The contract signed with Defense Acquisition Program Administration is valued at 181 billion won (USD 163.1 million), which represents 10.3 percent of the company’s revenue last year. Full rate production should be met by 2020.

LIG Nex1 inks USD 163 mn counter battery radar system deal

LIG Nex1 counter-battery radar (Picture source:

A counter-battery radar system for the purpose of enemy field artillery location and acquisition plays a key role as the core element of a brigade or division level counter-battery system. Prototypes show 30-40 percent better performance and 95 percent in component localization versus imported ARTHUR-K .

The company expects large-scale exports will follow after full-rate production as overseas buyers in Europe and the Middle East show a keen interest in the better price and performance of the weaponry.

LIG Nex1 Co., Ltd. (formerly known as NEX1 Future and LG Innotek) is a South Korean aerospace manufacturer and defense company. It was established in 1976 as Goldstar Precision. It develops and produces a wide range of advanced precision electronic systems, including missile, underwater weapon systems, radars, electronic warfare, avionics, tactical communication systems, fire control systems, naval combat systems, and electro-optics. It is one of the major suppliers of weapon systems for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces, as well as an international exporter of weapon systems.