SOFIC 2018: RAJUGA Concealment Modules to Hide SF Vehicles

At SOFIC 2018, the International Special Operations Forces Industry Exhibition Conference currently taking place in Tampa, Israeli company RAJUGA (and its U.S. partner VATEC) is showcasing its All Terrain Vehicle Concealment (ATVC) Module. It is a concealment element designed to conceal large objetcs such as vehicles.

SOFIC 2018 RAJUGA Concealment Modules to Hide SF Vehicles
RAJUGA ATVC module on a Polaris ATV at SOFIC 2018.

A single ATVC module can hide a small ATV such as the Polaris Sportsman, two modules will conceal a Polaris MRZR while a larger vehicle like the DAGOR needs just four modules.

Features of ATVC with its 3D multi-spectral substance:
- 3D camouflage - enable imitation of the surrounding (rural & urban)
- Multi-spectral: covers a wide range of detection sensors (visual to LIR)
- Copes with austere environment (Sun, rain, wind)
- Low volume: easy packing and carrying
- Short detection range: Less than 15 meters
- Two sided: enable different coloration/camouflage on each side.

Smaller modules are avaible to hide and conceal smaller objects such as sensor systems.