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Dialogue is one of the most basic ways humans use language and is a desirable capability for autonomous systems. Army researchers developed a novel dialogue capability to transform Soldier-robot interaction and perform joint tasks at operational speeds. The fluid communication achieved by dialogue will reduce training overhead in controlling autonomous systems and improve Soldier-agent teaming.

Until 1998 the Russian antiaircraft missile troops were subordinated to the air and missile defense forces. Today they are a major component of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The latest S-350 Vityaz and Pantsir-SM participated in the latest Victory Day parade together with traditional S-400 and Pantsir-S guns, the Independent Military Review writes.

The U.S. Army uses a lot of bullets and explosives to fight and win on the modern battlefield. Known chemical compounds that explode, technically known as energetics, are lead-based primary explosives. In new experiments, Army researchers and their partners at Purdue University observed some new compounds that may be an environmentally friendly alternative.

All military forces have launched programs to develop laser weapons mounted on combat vehicles, vessels or aircraft. Directed energy and laser weapon systems are a proven solution that effectively addresses tech-driven threats with more accurate, flexible and affordable performance than offered by traditional ballistics. Today, laser weapons are one of the more efficient solutions to counter drone threats which are now deployed on the modern battlefield to conduct combat missions.

According to information released by the Russian MoD (Ministry of Defense on July 15, 2020, Russian army artillery units of the motorized rifle formation of the Eastern Military District deployed in Buryatia destroyed a column of adversary hardware from Grad BM-21 multiple launch rocket systems and 152mm 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled guns using reconnaissance drone at Tsugol range in Transbaikalia, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

All military world powers have joined the race to create laser weapons. They have to easily destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles, spacecraft, and other arms and hardware. So far, the task is to destroy adversary optics or small drones and mortar mines at best, the Independent Military Review writes.

Inventor Shyam Chaurasia has developed 'Smart Defence Goggles' that can operate and fire weapons up to 1.5 km away and demonstrated the technology at the Ashok Institute of Technology and Management in the northern Indian city of Varanasi.

Israeli company Plasan has developed a wide range of vehicles specially designed to be used by Police and Homeland Security Forces. Plasan has vast experience as a global supplier of Armored Vehicles for Police and Homeland security (HLS) missions. With a range that fulfills every need from the lightest covert armored vehicles, right up to the largest truck-based Armored Riot Control Vehicles, Plasan can answer the requirements of any local security services.

Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) is one of the most important weapon systems in the arsenal of the Russian army. It is used by rocket troops and artillery units of the Russian Federation Armed Forces. The MLRS is designed to destroy any multiple targets, light-armored vehicles and armored materiel, artillery units, tactical missiles, command posts, communications centers, and other hostile infrastructure.

The main requirement to MLRS is to deliver a rapid precision massive strike. They have to be equipped with digital fire controls to compute parameters, strike and destroy the target in minutes. MLRS have to interact with drones and automatic controls. The round of munitions also changed. New unguided missiles with increased precision, sophisticated flight trajectory and ability to maneuver were designed.

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