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During the latest military parade held on January 26, 2023, to commemorate the Republic Day of India, a new anti-tank armored vehicle called NAMIS or NAMICA (NAG Missile System) was showcased. It is based on a BMP-2 tracked armored chassis and is fitted with a weapon station with six ready-to-fire NAG anti-tank guided missiles.

Northrop Grumman, AT&T and Fujitsu recently demonstrated 5G-enabled intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities in Northrop Grumman’s new 5G lab. The demonstration integrated radios with Northrop Grumman’s tactical data links, AT&T’s private 5G network and Fujitsu’s Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) to transmit ISR data and video, proving our strength in connecting the battlespace. This is a critical step in building the digital battle network to support multi-domain operations.

On January 13, 2023, Swedish company BAE Systems Hägglunds Örnsköldsvik published a video showing the firepower and mobility of its CV90120 light tank. In the CV90 family, BAE Systems has developed a concept of a light tank version that is armed with a 120 mm high-pressure low-recoil smoothbore gun offering firepower and mobility of a Main Battle Tank (MBT) but with a combat weight of fewer than 40 tons.

In war stories across a multitude of mediums, there is often a moment where a Soldier shouts into a radio to some unseen entity on the receiving end of the line. Whether it is giving a direct command or delivering information, this format of communication has been in rotation within the Army since the 1940s with the “manpack” radio, which was a relatively heavy radio that could be carried by a Soldier in a ruck. Sgt. 1st Class Michael Reinsch, Army News Service, reports.

The U.S. Army is putting new emphasis on using technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to speed up the “kill chain” process of locating and firing on targets, said a panel of experts at Technical Exchange Meeting 9, or TEM 9, a gathering of industry and military experts. Doug Graham, Network CFT, elaborates.

The United States Army recently completed rigorous testing with the Israeli-made Iron Fist APS (Active protection system) mounted on Bradley tracked armored IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle). The Iron Fist Light Decoupled Active Protection System achieved further improved performance in recent live-fire testing on the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

What formerly belonged to the realm of science fiction has become reality for U.S. soldiers, with advances enabling them to fight and win with next-generation technology. Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center will help distribute one of these advances to soldiers across the Army and in the field, a mixed-reality headset called the Integrated Visual Augmentation System, or IVAS, in partnership with Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier. Debralee Lutgen, US Army, reports.

Army Recognition editorial team had the chance to visit the production line of the German-made Puma, one of the most modern tracked IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) in the world. We were able to discover exclusively the manufacturing secrets of this combat vehicle which include the latest innovations and technologies in terms of mobility, protection, and armament.

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